Tools that Help You Code Safer, and Faster

Miller dev tools save you time so you can focus on building your product and helping your customers.

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Miller Start

Master full-stack web development by example

  • Become a pro with NextJs, NestJs, tailwind, PostgreSQL, Redis and more
  • Accelerate your product development with a fully featured, full-stack app starter
  • Setup a new full-stack app in minutes with scripts and terraform
  • Advance your learning from beginner tutorials
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Local Dev Tools

Control your data with local dev utilities

  • Keep your business data safe from random tools websites
  • Local utilities for Git repository management
  • Not a SaaS! - Perpetual licence and ownership
  • Universal app - Mac and Windows
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Miller Dev Shell

Say Goodbye to manual environment configuration

  • Well tested, re-runnable shell configuration scripts
  • 50+ of the best modern developer tools, pre-configured
  • Designed for a consistent shell on Mac and Windows WSL
  • Perpetual licence and updates