Your full dev environment configured with one command

Save 30+ hours configuring your development environment. Specifically designed to give you the same shell experience on Mac and Windows.

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All your packages installed
All your tools installed via homebrew (Mac) or Apt (Windows WSL). Antigen is pre-configured to manage your zsh plugins.
Vscode pre-configured
Installs vscode, configures sensible settings and installs common extensions (eslint, prettier, tailwind, spell checker, xml and more)
Global developer config
Sensible global git ignores, git config, git aliases, npmrc, zsh aliases and more. Auto-detect flutter, dotnet, miniconda and add to PATH, and more
Consistency for Mac and Windows
Installs zsh to WSL, adds beautiful tools and fonts to match the Mac experience. Aliases commands to match Mac
Annoying new Mac setup - gone
All text files on mac associated with VSCode, 'smart quotes' disabled, DS_Store files disabled where possible and more
Full control for you
Get access to the source code in GitHub so you can edit to suit your needs. Delete parts you don't need and add what you use.

Setup your full Dev Env in minutes

DevShell scripts will detect your OS and configure your shell, install your favourite packages, set aliases, configure system settings, install vscode settings and extensions, clone your repos and more.

Preview what this experience looks like on YouTube:

What is DevShell?

DevShell is a collection of well-tested scripts for setting up and synchronising your shell across all of your computers.

Have one source of truth for all your Macs and PCs - consistent aliases, functions, preferred packages and any other configuration.

DevShell also includes all the latest and greatest terminal tooling to help a productive developer. The windows tools are already aliased to the mac commands so you can use the same commands on both platforms.

DevShell focuses on four main things:

  • Fast setup. Save hours with DevShell. Call one script that gathers required parameters, detects the host OS and runs the appropriate commands to setup your entire dev env - set aliases, certs, clone repos, install packages.
  • Champion modern tools for developers. DevShell installs improved modern tools and aliases the commands for you. With DevShell you get Git file status in your "ls" output. Have syntax highlighted "cat" output. Get near instant search with "fzf".
  • Mac and Windows Support. I regularly swap between Mac and Windows machines for development. DevShell ensures that the same aliases, tools, fonts and configuration are consistent on both platforms (where possible).
  • Open tooling. This is not a SaaS product. When you purchase DevShell you get the source code. You can modify it to your heart's content. Every dev will customize their own environment to specific needs.

What you get

  • Well tested, re-runnable shell scripts that install everything a developer needs
  • All tools configured to be available on Mac and Windows WSL Ubuntu where possible
  • Near-instant searching on the CLI with fzf
  • Great developer settings for your global git and npm configurations.
  • Install all the tools you need from brew during setup, use my list or edit to suit your own needs.
  • Dot files with all of the configuration I use for development
  • Pre configured, git-aware terminal commands like ls (using exa), git and code syntax highlighting aware cat (using bat).
  • A beautiful shell prompt (Pure prompt)
  • Clean developer fonts from HackerFonts installed on Windows and Mac.
  • Clone all of your repositories to a new computer during setup
  • Synchronise environment changes on all your computers with a simple command. All packages, zsh plugins and your scripts
  • Get the full source - you can place these in a git repo and edit to suit your needs.
  • VSCode configuration which has many improvements and common extensions to make your life easier
  • Own the scripts forever - you get the source and I keep the scripts updated and you can get the latest versions for as long as I update them!

" But I'm a developer, I could build this myself!? "

You absolutely could! It's a great project to learn shell scripting if you'd like to do that. Check out my blog post with some tips for shell tools if you're keen to learn yourself.

It will take 10-20 hours, at least, to build up all the tools and config here so that's ~$3/hour. If you just want to save time... DevShell is for you!

Still not sure? Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter - @Darraghor



Simple pricing, pay once and use forever.

  • Mac and Windows dev environment setup in 1 command
  • Direct access to the GitHub repository
  • Lifetime license - get all future updates for free