Control your data with local dev utilities

Offline utilities for developers, keep your business data safe and local.

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Secure your data
Jwt decoding is very common these days but devs still use to decode. You should never let an active access token leave your custody. Dev tools keeps your data safe.
Universal app
Get the same utilities on Mac and windows.
Simple offline tools
Encoders, decoders and convertors galore! Sometimes you want to quickly check a timestamp's value in localtime or sort some strings in a locale aware way. Dev tools has you covered.
Git repository tools
If you work with multiple clients or git accounts you will find the git url parser and repo user summary tools very useful. Made for git power-users.

What are Local Dev Tools?

Local dev tools are a collection of safe, offline utilities for developers. You can paste in your company's or client's data safely in to tools for tasks like JWT decoding, list sorting and uri encoding.

The tools work offline so you can use your business data with confidence rather than using random websites. The tools work on both Mac and Windows.

Any online tools use your API keys (e.g. OpenAI/ChatGPT) and never transmit data to a UseMiller server.

Download Local Dev Tools (v1.62.0)

Download right now and try it out. Buy a license later if you find it useful.


Universal App (Apple Silicon & Intel) - Download


Intel x64 - Download

Arm 64 - Download

What you get

  • Offline encoding and decoding tools for base64, JWT and JSON
  • An AI powered ESLint rule generator [This tool uses an API]
  • A color converter with 'nearest tailwind color' and harmonious colors feature
  • Encoders and decoders for Html and CSS Unicode characters, uri components
  • A git url parser and generator that is aware of your local ssh aliases
  • A git repo summary tool to verify user name is consistent across ssh alias related repos
  • A tool to quickly parse and map timestamps in different formats, local and UTC
  • String tools - A case converter and an internationalisation aware string sorter. Simple, but better than most online tools

Buy Now

Simple pricing, pay once and use forever.

  • Mac and Windows electron apps
  • Docs and notes on usage
  • Lifetime license + get 1 year of updates for free

I use GumRoad to handle licenses. You will receive an email with a license key after purchase.

Still not sure? Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter - @Darraghor

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