Master full-stack web development

Become a pro with NextJs, NestJs, Tailwind, PostgreSQL, Redis and more. Miller Start is a complete app starter for engineers who have completed beginner tutorials and are ready to advance.

Save months of time learning how to build and integrate common features to your app, skip straight to the good stuff - providing valuable features to your customers.

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NextJS is the dominant framework for React apps today. It's fast, easy to use and has a great community. Learn how to use SSR,SSG and client side dynamic components to build a fast, SEO friendly and responsive web app.
NestJs is a backend application framework for node apps. It's built on express, fully typed, has a huge number of modules and functions out-of-the-box. We also wrote the most popular ESLint library for NestJS, we really know NestJS well
Async Background Jobs
Redis and Bull are pre-configured for you with docker-compose. Adding an async job is a simple decorator.
Web app data models
Miller comes with organisations, users, membership and subscriptions modules. These are all pre-configured and ready to use.
Tailwind CSS
Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework. It's easy to learn and makes it easy to build responsive web apps.
PostgreSQL for Data
PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational datastore. It has excellent performance, ACID compliance, and a rich feature set.
Authentication and Authorization
Auth0 is pre-configured. Terraform configures the apps and test users for you. Learning a commercial auth provider is a great way to learn how to build a secure web app. Adding MFA is a simple config change.
Learn how Stripe is used in subscriptions and single payment models. Stripe is pre-configured and ready to use.
CLI Tool for initialising your project
The Miller CLI tool makes it easy to get started with a new project. It configures and runs terraform to deploy Auth0 and Stripe. It also sets file names and env files for you.
Open Telemetry
Miller has full-stack otel tracing configured by default. Each request is traced from the browser to the database. Easily find issues with your app locally and in production.
Typescript Everywhere
Every line of code is written in Typescript. This means you can learn how to use Typescript in a real-world application.
End to End Testing
Miller has a full suite of end-to-end tests. They are a great way to verify the system is working as expected after you make changes
Full Open API Docs
Open API specifications make it easy for other apps to integrate with your app. Miller comes with a full Open API specification for the API. Open AI / ChatGPT plugins can use this.

What is Miller Start?

Miller Start is learning tool for full stack engineers. You'll have access to a frontend app, backend app, a huge collection of integrations and the scripts to set everything up. Miller is months of dev work already completed, so you can learn how fullstack apps are built and create your own app.

Miller Start focuses on four main things:

  • Fast setup. Miller is designed to get you up and running locally in minutes. We've scripted the setup (bash and terraform) and have already integrated everything. NextJS frontend and NestJS backend. Prebuilt website, examples of common use cases and services.
  • Iteration speed. Tools specifically integrated and configured to increase safe iteration speed. Migrations, typed clients, terraform, linting, testing. Managed services like Stripe and Auth0 provide extraordinary value to developers. Learn how to leverage them in your project.
  • Simple architecture but safe for future success Miller is an architecture for small teams and solo developers - monorepo, monolithic backend. However it is also designed to be easy to extend and scale with your success. Modular design allows easy extraction to serverless where needed. Use of Async jobs and caching are built-in, configured and encouraged. It runs in docker on any cloud provider.
  • Convention over configuration. Miller comes with sensible defaults for a production ready application. Consistent code is encouraged with linting and formatting rules. But you can override or turn off these rules if you want. Nothing is hidden.

What you get

You will get access to the complete code for this application ( You can view the code reference section in the docs to get a better idea of the depth of the features. Here is a quick overview:

  • Terraform scripts to deploy and manage Auth0, Stripe and deploying to Digital Ocean
  • Authentication and authorization (Auth0)
  • Organisations, Membership and Users Modules
  • Subscriptions and payments (Stripe)
  • Comprehensive OpenAPI documentation for ChatGPT plugin development
  • Pre-built NestJs modules for useful APIs like Twitter or for running Stable Diffusion (graphics card not included with Miller!)
  • Queues for async jobs are already setup and ready to use
  • Send emails using popular providers (Twillio, Mailgun, Fastmail etc) via smtp and nodemailer
  • Local development with docker-compose and pre-configured Postgres and Redis
  • Safe database changes with migrations
  • Miller is Node and React so you can run it on any hosting provider - Vercel, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean
  • and more...

Simple pricing, pay once and use forever.

Learner Package

  • Full ownership, you own the code you have forever
  • Direct access to the GitHub repositories while subscribed
  • Subscription includes one year of updates
  • Expert documentation
  • Access to support community


License Terms

Builder Package

  • All the benefits of the Learner plan
  • Prioritised support for builders
  • 8 hours of consulting time from the Miller team


License Terms

Still not sure? Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter - @Darraghor